• 2Pcs Mario Kart Racing Wheels, Wii Wheel for Racing Games - Bomb Black (6 Colors Available)
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If your Wii Remote has a curved line at the lower end writing "Wii MotionPlus INSIDE", you could simply slip your Remote into this Wii Steering Wheel and away you go. If your Wii U game supports Wii Remote, you could also use this Wii steering wheel. This wheel for Nintendo Wii/Wii U, aka Mario Kart racing wheels, adds a comfortable and exciting way to experience driving and racing games (e.g. Mario Kart series games) on the Nintendo Wii game system. You'll be able to steer just like an actual car for increased realism while racing. Wii steering wheel is a Must Have for the popular Mario Kart 8 and Need for Speed game series.

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100% high quality Wii U Wii wheel/Mario Kart racing wheels for Wii Remote driving games, top manufacturer, fast and stable delivery

A Must Have for Mario Kart 8, Need for Speed series, Sports Connection, Tank! Tank! Tank! and many more Wii and Wii U racing games

Multi-angle X,Y,Z axis movement left, right, up, and down tilt movement; Innovative firm grip design minimizes hand fatigue while holding it long

Color up your game world with 6 Colors to choose: Bomb Black *** Kinopio Blue *** Yoshi Green *** Peach Pink *** China Red *** Original White

Inside the package: 2 Wii U Wii steering wheels and a gamer's guide (including user instructions and applicable games)

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2Pcs Mario Kart Racing Wheels, Wii Wheel for Racing Games - Bomb Black (6 Colors Available)

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