• ASTRO Gaming A40 PC Headset Kit
Designed to help players hear the more subtle details of the gaming soundscape, the A40 is a preferred headset among the pros. With superior audio quality, the A40 allows PC gamers to hear every footstep of their approaching opponents, making your own sense of hearing an invaluable ally. The over-the-ear design is cushioned with breathable fabric, highly adjustable, and surprisingly lightweight, allowing you long-lasting comfort for those gaming marathons that stretch out for days.

A40 Headset, A40 Microphone, ASTRO Speaker Tags

Swappable/Removable Mic

Customizable Speaker Tags

Mobile Cable included

Over the Ear Design

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ASTRO Gaming A40 PC Headset Kit

  • Product Code: 3AH42-PSX9W-381
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  • $149.99
  • $149.99